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GRM Presents Showcase



GRM Presents Showcase provides performers the opportunity to show off their talents in front of an audience of music lovers, artists, influencers, and talent buyers. Participants have the chance to be interviewed, have a photoshoot and their performance will be filmed, aired on GRM Presents TV.

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GRM Presents have recently partnered with @Skopemag so now we can offer more great services to assist artists in climbing the latter of success.  Check out some of the awesome services that @Skopemag offers.



APPS are the future – there is no denying that fact globally. As the smartphone advances more people will turn to an APP as opposed to a website or browser.  @skopemag has launched our own APP and we want to help your band, business, organization, non-profit, etc get one as well. read more





So you want to get your new music reviewed? Well, you can do that for sure and we can help. We can also send your review out to many email subscribers and a post as well to help boost exposure even more. read more



10 Album / EP Reviews On 10 Music Sites


So congrats, you just put out a new album/EP. That is awesome. Well, now you got to get the masses to hear it! Well we @skopemag have got your solution. We will get you 10 quality reviews posted on 10 quality music sites. read more



Promo Boost: 5 or 10 Interviews @ 5 or 10 Different Sites

Today we have an awesome promo for artists/musicians looking to get their story out there in various popular blogs/websites/social media. We will arrange all 10 Q&A’s for you. Then you get to sit down and answer them as you want. As they come in we get them posted and send you the link. It is… read more



360 Promo Campaign

We are very fortunate here @ – to have such a massive global audience of music lovers that visit us daily. To offer bands/artists & businesses an opportunity to reach these folks we have set up the @skopemag 360 Promo Campaign.  read more

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