GRM780 Unlimited Radio


Music podcast that features great music by artists of various genres from around the world with focus on pop. rap/hip-hop, jazz, rock n roll, blues and R&B. Artists if you want your content to be airred on any of…


Live Action Podcast Ep 2



The latest episode of the Live Action Music Podcast that features high-quality music from indie, mainstream rap, hip-hop and urban music artists. If you like your song featured here just send an email with links to your music to 

GRM Presents Podcast


The GRM Presents Podcast is the place to experience new music, upcoming events interviews of interesting guests and reviews of new releases. Created by D Black who established GRM Presents as a way to showcase music by indie artists at…


GRM780 Podcast 5




It's all about the ladies today on the GRM780 Podcast. We got music from Lil miss Pee, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Eye'z and many other great ladies of soul, hip-hop and pop music.