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GRMA's Record Label Specials 













      GRM Awards Record Label Special

Right now GRM Awards is providing record labels and producers special submission options for their roster of artists.

Regular submission is $25. In that option, the submitter gets an automatic nomination for the 2020 GRM Awards.

Extra - Plus submission is $100.  In this option, the submitter gets an automatic nomination, music played and interview on music podcasts. Write-ups in online magazines/blogs. Get pictures taken and interview on the red carpet at 2020 GRM Awards. Get special EPK created showcasing your experience at the 2020 GRM Awards

Labels and producers will receive promotions, interview on GRM podcasts, promotional materials at GRM events and spot on the 2020 GRM Awards Partners banner.

Act now because submissions end July 23rd at 11 pm pst.



Booming Success: GRM Awards Announcement Dinner 




The GRM Awards Announcement Dinner recently took place in San Pablo, CA.  During the engagement submissions for the 3rd Annual GRM Awards were officially open. The location of the ceremony is Nile Hall in Preservation Park in Downtown Oakland Friday Aug 28th starting at 6pm. The host of the ceremony is the wonderful Dr. Letitia Wright.

Special guests at the announcement dinner included (pictured below) Chanell J Wilson, Eye'z, Ala More, Leggs Malone, Bemnet Demessie, Caroline Christine and Dr Kerry Moses who all spoke fine inspiring words at the event that can be seen in the full video here: GRM Announcement Dinner.






Submissions for the 3rd Annual GRM Awards honoring indie, up and coming creators of music, movies, comedy, web series, podcasts, blogs, photography, videography and other types of art can now submit their content for a chance to win a GRM Award in 2020. 

The awards show will take place late Aug in the Bay Area. Official dates, time and location will be revealed at the GRM Awards announcement party taking in Feb. 

Regular: 1 nomination, entry to award show with 1 guest, 50% discount for up to 2 guests

Reg-VIP: 1 nomination, free entry to award show red carpet with 2 guests, 50% off general tickets up to 4 guests, performance on 1 GRM Presents Show, EPK & one song on rotation on GRM presents podcast.

VIP: 2 nominations, free VIP entry to award show on red carpet along with 4 guests, 50% off gen tickets for up to 8 guests, Performance on 2 GRM Presents Events, EPK song on rotation on GRM presents podcast.

VIP- Elite: 4 nominations, free VIP entry to award show on red carpet along with 8 guests, 50% off tickets up to 12 guests, Performance on 3 GRM Presents Events, EPK, Feature in GRM Award Commercial, Performance  at the GRM Awards, Write-up in GRM780 Magazine. Song on rotation on GRM presents podcast. Submissions to other radio station for latest single. Plus a custom press release about your nomination.

GRM Honors Lifetime Achievements - This award is created for musicians, dancers, comedians filmmakers, photographers, other content creators as well as educators, community leaders, business people who have accumulated many achievements over the years that deserved to be recognized.  

GRM Honors LTAs: 8 VIP level tickets, Red Carpet Access (Photos & Interviews) with guests plus all  VIP - benefits  included.

You can now add a press release to announce your nomination to the masses after the nomination ceremony for 25.00 if you purchased the Elite package we will add a submission to gossip blogs


Nomination Packages

GRM Presents Starts 2020 with a Bang!!!! 





Recently the GRM Presents Live! Showcase took place at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA.  There was live music, prizes, tacos, cupcakes and many cool people in attendance.  

I posted a video showing some highlights of the evening. It starts off with spoken word artists Meho and Ori Clay who deliver some heartfelt very soul touching words. 

We then move on to vocalist Shannon Hughes who continues to take a positive step towards fame and success.

Then the charismatic Chanell J Wilson captivates the audience with some soulful sounds.

The headliner Jack Frost gives a very electrifying performance that had entire audience on their feet. 

The event was hosted by the Lovely Eye'z who closed the show with a thrilling performance that the crowd loved.


Any performers interested in showcasing their talents at a GRM event email D Black at







GRM Presents Live! 

My good people, 2020 is about to arrive so let's kick off right with the first official GRM Presents event of the new year.  The GRM Presents Showcase which provides artists the opportunity to show off their talent in front of a captivated audience. It takes at least place four to six times a year in the EastBay.

The GRM Presents platform is open to singers, rappers, dancers, comedians, spoken-word artists and anyone who has a talent that they would like to present to an audience. 

Artists who participate will not only have a chance to perform but also have a song/video posted on the GRM Presents website, get a  photoshoot, get interviewed, filmed performance, be guest on a podcast,  a writeup in blogs/magazine, get their video aired on GRM Music Video Show, be featured in GRM Presents Magazine and GRM Presents Live! TV  and an automatic nomination for the 3rd annual GRM Awards 2020.  Sent an email to if you're interested in this opportunity.





Audience members will experience some incredible entertainment, meet new people, enjoy delicious food & drink and have a chance to win some awesome prizes.

All guests are welcomed to have some birthday cake with the founder/owner of GRM D Blk and all the other Capricorns in attendance. 

The GRM Presents Live Showcase will take place on Jan 7th starting at 7 pm at The Ivy Room 860 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA.

GRM Presents Showcase + Music Promotion Services 


GRM Presents Showcase



GRM Presents Showcase provides performers the opportunity to showoff their talents in front of audience of music lovers, artists, influencers and talent buyers. Participates have the chance to be interviewed, have photoshoot and their performance will be filmed, aired on GRM Presents TV.

learn more

GRM Presents have recently partnered with @Skopemag so now we can offer more great services to assist artists in climbing the latter of success.  Checkout some the awesome services that @Skopemag offer.


@skopemag ExpressAPPS

APPS are the future – there is no denying that fact globally. As the smart phone advances more people will turn to an APP as opposed to a website or browser.  @skopemag has launched our own APP and we want to help your band, business, organization, non-profit, etc get one as well. read more





So you want to get your new music reviewed at Well you can do that for sure and we can help. We can also send your review out to 10K Skope Email Subscribers & and a post as well to help boost exposure even more. read more



@skopemag 10 Album / EP Reviews On 10 Music Sites


So congrats, you just put out a new album/EP. That is awesome. Well now you got to get the masses to hear it! Well we @skopemag have got your solution. We will get you 10 quality reviews posted on 10 quality music sites. read more



@skopemag Promo Boost: 5 or 10 Interviews @ 5 or 10 Different Sites

Today we have an awesome promo for artists/musicians looking to get their story out there in various popular blogs/websites/social media. We will arrange all 10 Q&A’s for you. Then you get to sit down and answer them as you want. As they come in we get them posted and send you the link. It is… read more



@skopemag 360 Promo Campaign

We are very fortunate here @ – to have such a massive global audience of music lovers that visit us daily. To offer bands/artists & businesses an opportunity to reach these folks we have set up the @skopemag 360 Promo Campaign.  read more

2019 GRM Awards Highlights 

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This is the highlight video for the 2019 GRM Awards. In this video clip you'll see and hear from Justin Llamas, Studeo, Fluid, Eye'z and intro from Mr. D Black. Also you'll get a glimpse of some the cool stuff that happened on that incredible evening.

The official announcement of date/time of GRM Awards 2020 is coming soon. GRM Awards/Music Scene Documentary Movie coming soon.

If you're an music artist, music manager, promoter, agent or DJ who like to be part of the movie send email to

Props and love to Trust Creativity for filming and editing this video.

Upcoming GRM Presents  

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My good people out there. How's it going? Here is the calendar that shows the remaining GRM Presents for 2019.  Checkout the graphic and below is more information about each of the events. Musicians, comics, dancers and other talents if you like to perform at one of the events follow the steps listed.


On Nov 3rd GRM Presents will be having a party celebrate acquiring a new for business activities and events. Friends, family, artists and local business people invited to attend. We'll have several performances, light snacks and beverages. Duration will be from 2pm - 6pm. I'll provide location next week.

Nov 20th singer/pianist Eye'z will have a meet n greet at the Backroom in Berkeley, CA. The event will consist of  live performances by Eye'z and some of her talented friends. After the performances Eye'z will be available for questions, taking pictures and giving special gifts to VIP guests at the event. BUY TICKETS HERE

Sun Dec 8th filming of the GRM Presents Showcase will take place from 4pm - 8pm. Singers, rappers, comics, dancers and other performers will get the opportunity to showcase their talents on the GRM Presents platform. Live music lovers, influencers, and talent buyers will there to checkout acts.

A few lucky guests will win prizes. Talents will get a photo shoot, be interviewed, get 10 - 20 min performance filmed, their segment featured on GRM Presents TV, epk posted on GRM Presents website, music played and guest on GRM Present Podcast and acts will get an automatic nomination for 2019 GRM Awards.

Also artists will have the option to add promotional services from Skope Magazine to their GRM Presents showcase packages. 

The 360 Promo: music review, Q/A interview, 3 months rotation on radio show, e-blast and more.

Single Review: music single reviewed and posted on 10 different social media sites

Promo Boost: 10 interviews on 10 different music/entertainment websites

Album/EP Reviews: Get your album/ep reviewed and posted on 10 awesome music sites.


Last but definitely not least Dec 28th will mark the date of the 2019 GRM Awards Movie premiere. All the wonderful moments of the 2019 GRM Awards Show captured on film will be played on the silver screen at a local theater. The winners of the event will be there, also VIP guests will be in the house. There will be food and drinks, possibly a few live performances. Giveaways, prizes and special announcement about the 2020 GRM Awards. Event will run from  6pm - 8pm. Details about location will be released next week.

GRM780 Podcast 

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Checkout our brand new podcast GRM780 Show. The host is yours truly Mr D Blk playing the livest music from the hiphop, pop and jazz genres today and yesterday. We might talk to a couple guests weigh-in on some current news of the day. Send submissions, requests, guest appearances and advertising opportunity to

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