Submissions for the 3rd Annual GRM Awards honoring indie, up and coming creators of music, movies, comedy, web series, podcasts, blogs, photography, videography and other types of art can now submit their content for a chance to win a GRM Award in 2020. 

The awards show will take place late Aug in the Bay Area. Official dates, time and location will be revealed at the GRM Awards announcement party taking in Feb. 

Regular: 1 nomination, entry to award show with 1 guest, 50% discount for up to 2 guests

Reg-VIP: 1 nomination, free entry to award show red carpet with 2 guests, 50% off general tickets up to 4 guests, performance on 1 GRM Presents Show, EPK & one song on rotation on GRM presents podcast.

VIP: 2 nominations, free VIP entry to award show on red carpet along with 4 guests, 50% off gen tickets for up to 8 guests, Performance on 2 GRM Presents Events, EPK song on rotation on GRM presents podcast.

VIP- Elite: 4 nominations, free VIP entry to award show on red carpet along with 8 guests, 50% off tickets up to 12 guests, Performance on 3 GRM Presents Events, EPK, Feature in GRM Award Commercial, Performance  at the GRM Awards, Write-up in GRM780 Magazine. Song on rotation on GRM presents podcast. Submissions to other radio station for latest single. Plus a custom press release about your nomination.

GRM Honors Lifetime Achievements - This award is created for musicians, dancers, comedians filmmakers, photographers, other content creators as well as educators, community leaders, business people who have accumulated many achievements over the years that deserved to be recognized.  

GRM Honors LTAs: 8 VIP level tickets, Red Carpet Access (Photos & Interviews) with guests plus all  VIP - benefits  included.

You can now add a press release to announce your nomination to the masses after the nomination ceremony for 25.00 if you purchased the Elite package we will add a submission to gossip blogs


Nomination Packages


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