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Drake's Father Says He Painted Him DeatBeat Dad To Sell Records 

Dennis Graham the father of Drake went on Nick Cannon's radio spoke about talking to his son Drake and asking him why does he paint him as a deadbeat dad with his lyrics. He said Drake told him he did to sell records. Checkout the rest of the conversation in the video below.

Drake was bothered by his father's comments on Nick Cannon's radio show so he put out a rebuttable that you checkout in the video.

I'm not picking sides in this because I believe both points of view could be valid.

Revenue Streams For Artists 

 If you are a musician or composer, you probably have a basic sense of the ways you can make money. Some revenue streams are simple to understand, like playing shows, or selling CDs or t-shirts.

But there are many, many more ways that musicians can earn money from their compositions, performances, sound recordings, brand, or knowledge of the craft. We list 42 45 of them below. As you read the list, remember that a song has two copyrights: (1) the musical composition, which includes the notes and lyrics,…

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Special Gifts For Patrons Of GRM Events 



Starting now GRM Presents has started a rewards/loyalty program. We have partnered with some companies that gives the ability to reward all the people who buy tickets to GRM events with some cool gifts. It's our way of saying thanks to the people who support our events.

The GRM Awards is Thur Aug 28th 6pm tickets are still available. Go to