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The filming of GRM Presents Series called En Focus will take place at the end of this month. This is the opportunity for singers, rappers, musicians, comedians, and spoken-word artists to be featured on a segment of the show. the segment will consist of an interview, performance, and photoshoot.

There will be food and beverages available for the talent and their guests. The filming will begin Tue June 29th 2 pm at  GRM Presents Podcast Studios. Once talent purchases the GRM Presents service they should send an email with their name, brief bio, and link to their content to

There are some different packages to choose from within the En Focus Series.  The first is the basic package that includes filming of the performance, interview, and the photoshoot.  The next option is that with the basic the artist can an epk with the basic that includes photos, bio, song tracks, videos, and more.

There are several other options that an artist can combine with the basic En Focus service this includes a 300 - 500 word write-up article. about the artist.  The artist can add Q&A/Review to there basic service and they will receive a 12 question interview and 300 - 500 word review of a song, video, ep, or album.  The artist can add the song promotion to there basic package and receive extra promotion for one of there songs.

Lastly, the artist can choose to combine all the extra options to the basic En Focus service.  The prices of the different En Focus are listed below.


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